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Two-way pagers are alphanumeric pagers capable of both sending and receiving text messages and email. To do this, the units either have a small built in keypad that allows the user to input messages, or the message can be typed from a wireless keyboard and is received by the pager.

Pagers are a great solution for professionals who frequently need to be reachable when out of the office. Although mobile phones have largely replaced them for general use, pagers are still widely used among medical, taxi drivers and emergency personnel as well as IT support staff.

Mobile phones can still be intercepted and overheard, leaving room for important private information to get in to the wrong hands.  Two-way pagers are secure allowing you to exchange information with the office without worry.



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Two-Way Coverage Plans (Yearly Fee)

Standard 1000 - msg per month $399.99
Executive 3000 - msg per month
Ultimate - unlimited local msg $649.95

Plan Options (Yearly Fee)

The following options may be added to any of the coverage plans above.
  • Voicemail
    - Two-Way Service Only (Included)
    - Custom Greeting $12.00
    - Basic VM *12hr retention/30 sec msg $24.00
    - Standard VM *24hr retention/45 sec msg $48.00
    - Deluxe VM *72hr retention/60 sec msg $84.00
    - Ultimate VM*72hr retention/120 sec msg $168.00
  • SMS - Messaging txt service $120.00
  • Operator Dispatch - 24/7 Answering Service $329.99
  • Message Carbon Copy - Receive Pages on your cell Phone $60.00
  • Extra Local Number - Each additional local number $175.00
  • Numeric Retrieval- Store last 10 pages received $36.00
  • Toll-Free Number - Additional $120.00
  • Email Address - Each Email Account $5.00