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Alpha-Numeric pagers receive and display Alphanumeric (typed) messages. Your clients, home or office can send you a message by typing it themselves or calling your voice answering service.

By adding VoiceMail to your pager plan, clients and friends can telephone you with a voice or numeric message. When phoning your pager, they'll be prompted to leave a voice or numeric message. You'll either call the number displayed on your pager or retrieve the voice message when your pager beeps.

It is the perfect solution for sending information quickly without interrupting a meeting or conversation.


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Alpha-Numeric Coverage Plans (Yearly Fee)

Local $194.95
(3 Adjoining States) $294.95
National $439.95

Plan Options (Yearly Fee)

The following options may be added to any of the coverage plans above.
  • Voicemail
    - Alpha-Numeric Service Only (Included)
    - Custom Greeting $12.00
    - Basic VM *12hr retention/30 sec msg $24.00
    - Standard VM *24hr retention/45 sec msg $48.00
    - Deluxe VM *72hr retention/60 sec msg $84.00
    - Ultimate VM*72hr retention/120 sec msg $168.00
  • Operator Dispatch - 24/7 Answering Service $329.99
  • Message Carbon Copy - Receive Pages on your cell Phone $60.00
  • Extra Local Number - Each additional local number $90.00
  • Numeric Retrieval - Store last 10 pages received $36.00
  • Toll-Free Number - Additional $120.00