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In-House Paging Systems for Restaurants, Hospitals, Church's and More



Call PagePlus and let our paging specialists assist you in all of your in-house paging needs. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who use our in-house paging systems for restaurants, churches, nurseries, hospice, shelters, warehouses and much, much more.

Make a great first impression on your guests by showing them they won't be forgotten when your restaurant is very busy. This is the simplest and most cost effective way to be sure your guests are called in a timely manner.

Eliminate excess noise by not having to call out names of people waiting and enhance your guests experience. Increase your bottom line as guests can go into the bar for a drink or mingle with friends outside while waiting for their table.

With Guest Paging people feel more committed to staying at your restaurant so fewer people will walk away. Seating time is reduced and more people are able to spend money in your restaurant which increases your bottom line.

  • Quickly and efficiently notify guests their table is ready
  • Enhance the atmosphere of your restaurant by reducing noise
  • Improve overall guest satisfaction
  • Commit customers to waiting and reduce walk-always
  • Prevent calling out mis-pronounced names
  • Increase your bottom line
  • FCC Certified

Server pagers are becoming increasingly popular. Owners and managers are realizing that their servers are able to spend more time in front of the customer and less time going in and out of the kitchen checking to see if their orders are ready. This increases the positive customer experience, table turns and also increases tips for the server which makes for a happy employee. It has been proven that if an employee is happy it reduces turnover and training costs.

Many other advantages for using pagers are for larger companies, warehouses, factories, assembly lines, machinery or other loud industrial uses PagePlus In-House Paging Systems to give to their hearing-impaired employees or visitors in case of emergency, fire alarm, etc to assist in alerting them as well so they can get themselves to safety. Many times we take for granted that we can hear an alarm and it should be obvious. Unfortunatly without good hearing many people all over the United States and the World are in danger when they can not be alerted in an emergency situation.

With new Privacy laws and regulations regarding patients information. With the new HIPPA regulations and the stiff fines they can impose for HIPPA Violations In House Paging Systems are the perfect solution at a very affordable, low cost and you own the system. Many of the LRS Long Range Systems, Apollo Paging Systems, and others that we sell are the perfect answer as you can page the patient with a pager in the waiting room or enjoying a beautiful day in the courtyard just outside the office door. Many paging systems in the paging industry have been sold in the past like boomerang and j tech j-tech, radio shack and others. We have found as a family owned and operated business that LRS Long Range Systems offers the most capabilities, reliability, dependability and a two 2 year warranty.

LRS and PagePlus has a history of providing a superior product that stands superior in the industry. Don't let other companies wait for our quote so they can beat it. We are going to give you the best deal the first time. Furthermore, we provide something that no other company does...EXCELLENT, AWARD WINNING CUSTOMER SERVICE. PagePlus has always said that our main product is customer service and then we sell an excellent product line as well!

So call PagePlus toll free at 1-866-724-3758, visit www.pageplusaz.com or come on in to PagePlus Home of the FREE Pager located in beautiful Glendale, AZ home of the 2015 Super Bowl.

Did you know that Professional umpires, referees and scorekeepers in leagues like the NFL use PAGERS for communication.

Did you know that because of corporate espionage many large companies do not allow employees to bring in their cellular phones so many Men and Women alike are using PagePlus paging services to be alerted if their home alarm goes off, children (son or daughter) arrive safely at home after school, paged by employer, etc.

Did you know that many military bases, hospital stat teams, First Responders, Police, Fire Department, Block Watches, After hour Apartment and multi-family housing, security companies, alarm companies, towing companies, cab/taxi companies, Maintainance departments, repair facility, customer service centers, adult care, skilled nursing, assisted living, hospice, are just some of the industries and businesses that are still depending on PagePlus and paging technology that is reliable, dependable and inexpensive. With a FREE Pager and cheap airtime prices our competitors are using all of the tricks to get you to order with them. At PagePlus their are NO TRICKS AND NO HIDDEN CHARGES. The longer you are happy the longer we are in business.


Complete Packaged Paging Systems brought to you by PagePlus.

Voice / VTF Paddle Pager System (20 Pagers)

Chose the Manufacturer to see what Systems will fit your criteria and Budget.For Custom Quotes Please Call PagePlus toll free at 866-724-3758. Where we can Match or beat any Competitors Pricing.


In-House Pagers icon_housepager

Now use a durable pager as a source to alert customers so that they are not forgottem. These pagers are practical, reliable and easy to use. They can alert by melody, beep, vibrate, flash or any combination of your choosing. These pagers are used in Restaurants, Waiting rooms, Casinos, Nurseries, Bowling Alleys, Spa's and Salons, Tradeshows, Offices, Healthcare and much, much more. We look forward to earning your business.


In-House Transmitters icon_transmit

Portable transmitters either plug-in or wireless we have the solution for you. Your customers or staff will receive a page instantly when you need them. Transmitters can reach up to one mile away in most cases. Improve the efficiency of your business with the transmitter that best fits your needs. We look forward to earning your business.