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2 Way Pager

PagePlus was founded in 1994 and has grown to become one of the largest pager service companies in the country. Providing numeric, alpha-numeric and a 2 way pager system PagePlus has thousands.


Alphanumeric Pager

PagePlus has grown to become one of the largest pager service companies in the country since it was founded in 1994. PagePlus has thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy the great customer service.


Alphanumeric Pagers

PagePlus alphanumeric pagers receive and display alphanumeric or typed messages and clients, office and home, can send messages either by typing or by calling the answering service. PagePlus advises.


Beeper Pager

PagePlus is one of the largest reliable pager service companies in the country. PagePlus has thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy the finest customer service and their new 2 way, numeric.


Beeper Service

PagePlus is one of the largest and most reliable pager service companies in the country. PagePlus has thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy an outstanding beeper service and their new 2 way.


Buy Pagers

There are so many different ways to stay connected in the modern age. However, some of these methods have hidden expenses that can really add up.


Free Pager

If you haven’t used a pager in the past, you may be surprised at all the features and options available on the latest models. No longer are these clunky belt loop.


Guest Pager

It’s a busy weekend evening at your restaurant. Guests are milling restlessly in the waiting area and spilling out into the street. Amidst the packed crowd is your.


In House Paging

Restaurant owners face a grim national landscape. All over the country, even though the recession is official being declared nearly finished, families .


Nationwide Paging

Nationwide paging offers you the ability to take your pager with you wherever you roam. You’ll have the option to send and receive pages no matter where you go.


Numeric Pager

It seems like everyone has a cell phone today and they are considered to be a vital tool for communications. More large corporations are finding that the cost of issuing a company paid cell phone.


Paging Service

While most of now use a cell phone as our main means of staying in touch with each other, the digital pager has steadily been making a comeback. For many years it seemed like the only people who used.


Paging Services

Despite the fact that the number of people who carry at least one cell phone has grown exponentially, the paging service business is rapidly on the rise. Given the proliferation of cell phones it might seem.


Restaurant Pagers

If you have ever had to sit in line waiting for what may seem like hours for a seat in your favorite restaurant you might be surprised to learn that there is a far better way for them to handle the backlog.


Restaurant Paging

The use of restaurant paging systems has become very widespread in the last few years; the question that many people ask is why they use them. In reality there are three distinct and separate paging.


Pager Technology

In a world full of iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerry's, where do pagers fit in? PagePlus in Glendale, Arizona shows that pagers are still very much alive and well, and shows how customer service paves the way in the industry.






Contact Information

1.866.PAGEPLUS (724.3758)
int'l 602.547.2405
fax 602.798.9711

Emergency Hotline:
Non-emergencies on this after hours line may result in a fee.

Head Office:
4920 W. Thunderbird Rd.
Glendale, AZ. 85306

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